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Managed Print Services (MPS) is the provision and monitoring of corporate document output requirements by an external service provider. MPS usually starts with a requirements assessment. The next step is usually a partial or complete replacement of existing hardware, including printers, faxes, scanners, copiers, and multifunction devices (MFPs). From that moment, the service provider supervises and supplies equipment and supplies parts and supplies. A mpS provider can also monitor and report usage, issues, and user experience.

Rather than dedicating internal resources to print-related business activities, a company subcontracts them, releasing those resources for activities that are more relevant to the company’s top concerns.

Depending on the arrangement, MPS payment may be subscription-based or per-page basis. Under other types of agreements, Managed Print Services places each device under a monthly maintenance or management contract that includes all consumables, parts, and parts that may be required to repair it, or simply recurring high volume job billed monthly.

Your environment is unmanaged if …

  • The total number of pages printed annually is unknown
  • The average cost per page is unknown
  • The budget is not based on the print volume
  • Several suppliers are used without synergy
  • No equipment roadmap
  • There are redundant equipment (fax, photocopiers, scanners, printers)
  • Poor inventory management
  • Manual order process
  • Excessive use of internal human resources
  • No report
  • No cost targets
  • No software management

Because you are tired of …

  • Running out of toner
  • Toner order
  • Toner change
  • Analyze whether to repair or buy a printer
  • Understand and solve error codes
  • Managing your printers

Our managed print service can eliminate the hidden costs associated with supplying, maintaining and repairing your print fleet, leaving you focused on running your business.

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