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Hi, I am William the founder of Multi-Doc, your friendly neighborhood print shop. I remember when I was a kid, my mom used to bring me to work with her and I was fascinated by those machines that can make thousands of copies from one sheet. I remember when my mom’s office got their first copier with integrated duplex. OMG !! I think I was more excited than the whole office. To an extent where the service technician had to ask my mother to keep me out of his way. Each time the guy was there to service the copiers, I had my head (and my hands) buried in the damn Toshiba machines more than the tech himself.

Graduated out of college as a computer technician with network administration specialization. Got a job where I stayed for 15 years as a senior technical rep for a huge telecom company. Then I had enough so I left to explore the world.

Then I worked for a few years at a legal document service doing a printing run for a manufacturer and digitizing binders. Managing a print job between 5 000 to 80 000 copies per night on 4 Ricoh heavy duty copiers. Just by the sound I was able to tell which copier was going to run out of paper. I could even hear a paper jam before the copier itself detected it. Then I decided I had enough of being on a payroll.

So I created Multi-Doc, your friendly neighborhood print shop. With so many years of customer service and IT under the belt, I decided to give it a go.

Multi-Doc is not here to empty your pockets. We are here to offer the same great quality of the big banner places at a lower price. Also to help you with your printing needs either for personal use or for your business. We can also help your business reduce cost and save on space with digital transformation.


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