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The Immortal Benefits of Business Cards

It’s true that in 2019 we may have reached a point in the world of business where most first interactions occur online without any physical contact. If this is the case, are business cards dead? Business cards won’t die until we do. As long as there are people with whom you can meet and network, business

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Who is responsible for what?

Who’s responsible for what? The Short Answer Clients, you need to supply text and images that are without fault. And you need to check the text and images of any artwork the designer sends to you. Designers, you’re responsible for submitting correctly prepared artwork to the printer. You are responsible for understanding the printing process

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How Inkjet is changing the industry

To understand why inkjet printers are so popular in commercial and wholesale printing, you need to understand the technology behind the machines. Introduced in the late 1980’s, inkjet printers came before their laser printing cousins. Unlike laser printing, inkjet has continued to grow in popularity and performance. A Quick Lesson In Inkjet Printer Technology Inkjet

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What is the difference in Paper finishes?

Coated Paper This kind of paper as the title suggests, has a type of coating on it that is usually made of china clay and is used to produce a silky finish. Coated paper also has some glossy finish that may be silky or matt and is best suited for projects requiring a fine finish.

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Make The Most Of Your Business Stationary

If you’ve done any research into marketing, you’ve likely read about the importance of branding and your business stationary.  Any content you put out, from social posts to blogs, should be branded in a consistent way that represents your business. Branding includes logos, taglines, typography, colours, tone of messaging, and the overall personality of your

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Business Printing in Color

Monochromatic businesses have gone the way of the dodo; today, the use of color is not only accepted, but valuable. Color in business printing has shown to increase the success of the business when used tastefully in documents, basic print marketing materials, and websites. This is how the emergence of color in business printing is